Alex Boch - Bio

Carroll School - Lincoln, MA

Carroll School - Lincoln, MA

Alex Boch
volunteer | photographer

I started volunteering for Need To Lead in 2014 at the Special Olympics. Some of the other events I have volunteered in are the Alzheimer's Walk, Hemophilia walk, Cradles  to Crayons, Rodman Ride for Kids, and the Deforge Scholarship Golf Tournament. The first time I volunteered at the Alzheimer's Walk, it was 10 degrees and raining out and still a great group of kids came out from Need To Lead despite the weather to help out the best they could. It showed me that no matter how bad it is out or even how cold, you still go out to a great event and give back to your community. That was my first experience with a great cause and a great group of kids just wanting to give back as much as they can.

In early 2016, I began taking pictures for Need to Lead.  Eventually I was asked to take over as the photographer for Need To Lead and I am happy to take that role. To do something that I enjoy doing and to give back to a great cause is a wonderful thing. I have also taken pictures for events like the 2015 Subaru of New England Holiday Party, the 2016 Music Drives Us 10th Birthday Party, and the Cure for Cole Wiffle Ball Tournament. Need To Lead has changed my life and I know for a fact that it has changed others too.


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