Dylan Metcalf - Bio

dlyan metcalf
director - campus tour

My time with Need To Lead really started in 2010 with the Special Olympics of Massachusetts Polar Plunge. At the time, I was a typical 15 year old looking for something ridiculous to do. What better way to fill that void than to jump into below freezing ocean water in the middle of winter? What I didnt know at the time was the immense impact that Need to Lead would have on the next 5 years of my life. Since that day Ive volunteered for numerous different organizations through my involvement in Need to Lead including: Cradles To Crayons, Walk for Alzheimers, Hemophilia Walk, the Stephen Guy Deforge Scholarship Fund, and the Special Olympics of Wisconsin. What keeps bringing me back to volunteer again with Need To Lead is the impact I see on the charities and the people that they benefit. Simply seeing a smile from a Special Olympics athlete or hearing the laughter of a child with hemophilia is enough to show me how much of a difference Im making. Further, knowing that many of the charities we are volunteering for struggle to garner enough volunteers to run their events without our help makes those moments even sweeter. Need to Lead has been instrumental in the success of not only many events but further, in the success of the charities themselves and that is something we can all be proud of. Personally, Need To Lead has been an eye opening experience for me. It has developed a sense of responsibility within me to help those less fortunate while simultaneously uncovering a new found passion for volunteer and charity work. Need To Lead is part of who I am.

            As I did last year, this year I am planning to once again bring Need To Lead back to Wisconsin. In addition to the Polar Plunge, I will be attempting to register Need To Lead as an official student organization on campus. The organization would hold monthly planning meetings as well as monthly volunteer events. This will help to even further Need To Leads impact across the nation. It fills me with pride knowing that I have already been able to make an impact in Wisconsin despite the short time that Ive been there. That experience has gone hand in hand with my role as director of the Campus Tour. I have enjoyed watching other Need To Lead volunteers making impacts on their states from coast to coast and I dont see an end in sight. Looking to the future for Need To Leads Campus Tour I see nothing but success.


University of Wisconsin - Madison   Class of 2017

Intended Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

Intended Major: Finance, Investment, and Banking, Certificate in Entrepreneurship


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