Eddie Merrigan - Bio

Boston College High School - Class of 2016

Boston College High School - Class of 2016

eddie merrigan
Event Coordinator

I have been involved with need to lead for about 7 years, and my experiences in the organization have impacted my life in ways I never expected. Beginning at such a young age left an unknowing impact on my life that would come to manifest as I matured. Need to Lead is so special because every member of the group looks forward to the service and volunteer work at our events, and the work we do is fun and enjoyable. My favorite annual NTL event is the Special Olympics, because our interactions with those we are helping are so direct and profound. This event is a perfect example of what we are all about as a group, one that tries to better the lives of others through compassionate service.

I am a senior at BC High, and a member of the golf and hockey teams. I have made countless memories with NTL that have shaped my appreciate for service and volunteer work, and I hope to continue doing this work with NTL for years to come.



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