Trevor Reilly - Bio

trevor reilly
event coordinator - cradles to crayons clothing drive, Special olympics polar plunge

The NTL events I have been part of have helped me to learn many things about both myself and others. When I go to these events, I almost always get to see two or three of the people that I am helping. This always puts a smile on my face because it is a different feeling when you get to see the people that all the work I am doing will benefit.

I have been a part of Need to Lead for 8 years. My first experience with Need to Lead was when I was just 5yrs old for the Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care. I was running a mere water station at the road race event. Since then, Need to Lead has had such a big impact on who I am as a person today. Some of my closest friends are through Need to Lead events and I have brought some of my friends from Belmont Hill to multiple events. As soon as they met our group of volunteers and saw how much we were helping at the events, they were instantly eager to help and come to more events. I hope to continue to have more and more friends come to events and be a part of the team. I have been fortunate to organize and attend some very important events, The Hemophilia Walk and Polar Plunge for the past 5 years. The Special Olympics Track and Field, Cradles to Crayons Clothing Drive both for the past 8 years. One specific characteristic that I like the most about Need to Lead is how even after someone has been a part of NTL for many years and then goes off to college, almost everyone has come back to help at events or be a Director of Alumni. This shows how NTL volunteers cannot let NTL go because it had such a big impact on their lives.


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